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Paivar Diesel Asia Company  Generator Manufacturer Perkins – Volvo – Cummins in Iran. The products can be pointed to silent canopy – Mobile chassis diesel – Synchronous Control Panel and light tower. Paivar Diesel Asia Company with over 30 years of experience in the production of  Diesel Generator has In addition to Iran and other neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and pakistan .

The company’s factory is located 30 kilometers from Tehran and is located in the industrial town of Parand. It is set in an area of 5000 square meters has been created  Including electrostatic paint shop, Repair hall, Hall of Electrical and Electronics Hall is working . Paivar Diesel Asia is Proud companies with expert technicians and modern equipment In a short time has been able to obtain a certificate from Perkins England and Now one of the largest manufacturers of diesel generators, Silent canopy and its associated equipment in Iran. Because their products are able to provide the quality of European products.

Fields of activity of the company is as follows:

– advice on choosing a diesel generator power according to the load, consumption patterns, installation location, location constraints, etc.

– Design and build control panels synchronous (parallel), automatic (ATS) and Manual (Manual) with the ability to design and implement monitoring systems via Internet and mobile diesel

– Design, manufacture and installation of Silent canopy (Silent Canopy) in size 9KVA to 2500KVA and the possibility of making customized to fit the constraints of the installation of diesel generators

– Build a mobile chassis for diesel models two wheels, four wheels and container to 2500KVA

– Construction Accessories include a diesel heater, exhaust Muffler (Silencer)

– provide after-sales services including maintenance of diesel generators, spare parts supply, diesel generators and other DIAG

– repair and troubleshooting of diesel visit to Category overhaul and Overhaul

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